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The journey back to patient 001 :

2 min readJun 25, 2020


No 009.

I once had a storm well up inside me

Or maybe it was a fire, not sure.

After a few seconds, I debated…

To pursue or not to pursue?

It wasn’t the last time.

You see, these storms aren’t so rare

And unlike the fire, the storm has no beginning.At least not that I remember.

You’re there sipping coffee, reading a book, taking a class… then BOOM!

Something weird is welling up inside of you

It gets me excited, we’re Elated!

For a moment I giggle out loud,

the next seated person looking at us all crazy

‘what a loony’ he must be thinking.

That’s not important right now though,

It’s time! Or maybe not. Sh*t!

Me, Myself and I thinking,

‘it’s here! The inspiration we’ve been waiting for. Or maybe it’s the awakening?’

‘Whatever this is, I’m liking it.’

No! Don’t go. Stay with us

“Keep stirring! We felt it about to happen”

But the storm would not listen, can not listen

It’s gone

Back to wherever or whomever.

“Do you know what triggers it?….”

“Not sure Doc. I . I’m uhm… I have no idea.”

I’m a lot calmer today. I think she noticed this too

“What’s the verdict Doc?”

“Well “ she lingers on this word like it was about to dictate the beginning of ‘our’ end.

“Doc, I’m not crazy!” from what I remember, I sounded really firm.

“isn’t this normal for everyone? Davis and Eve have it also”

“These people do not exist dear. They’re not real. I’m sorry”

Now I’m very sure, WE CHOSE TO PURSUE!




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