Happy New year!!! Or am I too late?

4 min readJan 8, 2022
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With a long list of resolutions for the year 2022 and already into the second week of the year, seems like we have a lot to get to. Everyone wants to make that 1st billion, meet the perfect woman and buy that nice house you’ve always had in mind.
Before I dive into what great and mighty things we are expecting this year, what exactly happened to your 2021 goals? Did they fall through? Or did you hit the bullseye? And if you were a mediocre planner like me, did your ‘E go be’ attitude present anything unexpected? If Yes, then great. If No, then… we move.
Now that it’s the new year and we get a fresh start despite our ever-increasing calendar age, what do you plan to do differently? Haven’t you already had 6 bottles of cola when you swore( on your grandfather’s grave) on the 1st of January that you would stick to water for the next 6 weeks? Yes, you! You told all your friends at the cross-over service that you will keep your eyes where they should belong, but even your hands and heart have followed your feet to sketchy places.

I think it’s safe to say, we need to do better this year.

As we move into this year let us keep a few things in mind-

  1. There is no profound certainty.
    We all want to live forever and create all sorts of happy memories with our loved ones but always remember that people, things and even you can and will someday, fail you. Some days, it will even feel like God has failed you , on this part, you are wrong. In everything, know that life is finite and you have no control over that.

2. Baby Steps.
Last year I started a ‘Bible in 1-year’ plan, it’s safe to say that I failed nobly. So this new year, I went for something less overbearing — a 6-day Bible study, because I’ve come to realize that I have a short attention span and get distracted easily. And I can proudly say that I’m a happy adult.
While many want to leave a mark in the sands of time and those with the strongest minds will most likely make such marks, you and I don’t have to scurry along. Remember, take a deep breath, smile and keep your mind as spacious as possible.

3. You are worth this, that, and even more.
You are a beautiful creation and were made for good. There was thought and planning to your existence, God screened you and saw that you were good to look at.
And while you think all these positive things about yourself, make sure you share that same energy with the people around you, strangers or not, share a smile, compliment people for their work and effort, make people around you feel loved, talk to your kids, make new friends, break the ice.

3. Lose the entitlement
I’ve concluded after my first week in 2022 — People love to cheat and deprive others of comfort. While I went about my business for the week and encountered people that blatantly and without shame tried to cheat me, I became more of a sad person than an angry person. I wondered why anyone would like to cheat me under the pretense of doing me a favor. At the end of it all, I realized that this person did not owe it to me not to cheat me. They had simply made a decision and all I was left with was to navigate however I chose.
So, for the rest of 2022, see the best in people but expect way less from them.

5. Guard your heart!
In 2021, I put a restriction on the kind of things I watched, read, listened to, and even the things I felt. I’m bringing that into the new year with me. Sometimes even the things you say will seem harmless but will stick and build a mansion in someone’s head and make a gutter straight into their heart. While you are strict with your body positivity and mental health, make sure to guard your thoughts, pray and drink lots of water.
Be cautious this 2022. Have safe and responsible fun. Yes, I know you only live once, but please take a PG 13 route this year.



Have you made a checklist for the year? or are you swinging it with the lord ?




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