2 min readJul 7, 2020


Everyday, some stranger dies somewhere far away .

Other times, someone distant in your neighbourhood is in a car crash

You think, “ oh my God… that’s so sad”

Then, someone you know dies. At first it’s surreal.

It’s not a dream and you know it, but you choose to believe otherwise

Everything you once knew about grief fades away.

‘it’ll pass’ someone once said. It did not.

A month after my Grandad died. It suddenly hit me, i’m a strong person. Of course I’ve been sad but I’m holding out pretty well. I haven’t shed a single tear. I’ve done a good job at comforting the others.

He was pretty old anyways and if you all haven’t noticed,

We all die eventually.

But one day , I got to understand grief just a little, at least that’s what I think.

It was silent.

Behind closed doors.

I cry.

This scene reminds me of that one girl in the movies

She’s crouched on the bathroom floor, crying

The shower raining down

She’s wet and sobbing. You feel bad.

This is nothing like the movies.

This girl I’ve become is making noises.

Some sort of disturbing groan making it’s way through her clenched teeth

There’s snort everywhere, the saliva making a pool at her feet

She’s making a weird distorted movement on the floor. Maybe it’s a seizure?

I think she’s calling for help but I can’t hear with all her fumbling around

Why won’t she scream?

Why won’t someone come through the door?

Then she looks up at me, her eyes are blood shot

she’s still.

Her skin feels cold

That was a month ago.

Do I know grief now? Not a single clue

Yesterday , some stranger died somewhere far away

Today again, someone from the neighbourhood died of some illness.

And I’m still thinking, “ oh my God… that’s so sad.”




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