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10 reasons you’re probably not into kpop{ a kpop stan}.

1. A simple case of less is more. Simply put - it’s not the music, its just you.

2. You have no idea what that is.
Well, Its definitely not rocket science. K pop=korean pop, literally. The only sciency thing in our eqaution would be K-ballad+K-soul+K-jazz still equals Kpop?
3. Bromance is not your comfort zone.
Seeing two dudes lovingly care for eachother seems too intimate and makes them gay? Really?
Let’s get one or two things straight :
* Firstly, When you grow up living with someone and practically raise such a person from your training days till debut and then to fame, while sharing such a persons food, pain, joy, loneliness, clothes, you tend to grow a bond later coined into BROTHERHOOD! You’re away from home so much that this person eventually becomes Family.
*And second, girls get all mushy-touchy, why can’t the boys do the same?

4. You’re just not into politics.

The backstage to all the glitz and glamour is definitely not your style. Rumours about how the artists are treated unfairly and there’s a rule and contract for everything goes against every human right you’ve read about.

5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder …. you’re not a beholder.
Kpop makes some of the best music videos, periodt! The budget, quality, fashion,creativity, and everything else that goes into these Mvs, nothing beats kpop. So, if you’re not in the mood for some eye candy, then it’s definitely not your thing.

6. You’re not into awesome pants.
A new Era or comeback promises to bring better fashion. A lot of these comebacks bring a ton of beautiful, gorgeous, colourful pants. With no care in the world for any of these, you’re definitely not gonna stan.

7. Language barriers / you don’t speak spanish, neither do I.
Getting into something in a different language can be challenging, but not with music. Music or songs in other languages might not sound appealing because you don’t understand anything but I can promise you, it would be a worthy and rewarding challenge.

8. Twice is too cute for you. Really? Kpop is for kids?
A lot of people have a prejudice against kpop because they think its for babies only. It’s not. There’s tons of artists and genres to explore, so there’s no need to fear. Start searching in good faith, and you’ll eventually dance to the tune no matter your age.

9. The days for slangs ,memes and fandoms theories are far gone.
Between the Atinys, blinks ,Army,Moomoos etc it becomes really hard to keep up or understand where fanclub names resurrect from. 4 years with BTS and I still don’t know what Era leads to what-In-what and who dies and comes back. Then theres TXT going under- water to find the magic island? Ateez reveals a masked man?, Let’s not even get into the memes - are we trolling this artist? Are we fooling around? Did that meme I made just give my bias depression…?

10. Ugghhhh!!We can’t tell who is who!!!

This has to be the easiest yet most agonizing part of kpop. Once you finally pick interest and choose to delve into this new found universe, this is a compulsory struggle 🤦🏽‍♀️.
I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with the concept of more than 4 members in a group or band, and with kpop, this is bound to happen. With more than enough stream of talent to choose from, I’m pretty sure even the entertainment companies find it difficult to stay within the limit.
It took exactly me exactly 16 days to tell Seventeen apart! “they all look the same”, my brother said one time- after I made him re-watch the same bon-voyage episode again and again.
I legit watched every ‘Unhelpful guide that exists. I burned every last bit of data I had in raging passion to find the ULTIMATE BIAS. I spent every second of everyday playing a memory game of ‘how many units exists in this 21 man group? If ‘the more the merrier’ makes your head spin, you can sit this one out.

A trial playlist for my inquisitive but unwavering pessimists.

Day6 — Everything day 6, literally.
Jung jin woo --------------color, tatoo
PLT------- blah, hocus pocus.
Dean------ Instagram.
The rose-------- Sorry
BTS V -------Singularity
Taeyeon------- dear me{Ballad}
NCT 127 ------- Regular, Highway to heaven




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